The best hair growth oils

Those who suffer from hair loss would pay any price to regain the beauty of their scalp. Some are willing to give up to $15,000 for hair transplants and surgery just to make their dream come true. With a little information, you can find natural remedies that are less expensive and safer than most hair loss products. Scroll down to discover the best hair growth oil.

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Table of contents

  1. Benefits of oils for hair health
  2. How to use oils on hair
  3. 10 best oils for hair growth
  4. Oil-based recipes for vigorous manes
  5. Advantages of using oils

Benefits of using oil on your hair

Perhaps you already heard that essential oils are great for your crowning glory. If some can reduce the hair thinning and combat what causes the strands to fall, other essential oils work wonders to treat dry scalp and thicken threads naturally. Discover some of the reasons why women apply oil regularly on their head:

  • Softens thick or frizzy hair. In most of the cases, hair is frizzy because of the lack of moisture. Since oil will hydrate the cuticle layers of strands, your hair will become smooth.
  • Stops the shedding. Numerous oils can be used to curb the problem at its roots. The natural ingredients enhance the health of the scalp and help to repair the damaged follicles.
  • Accelerates the hair growth rate. It’s a good reason to start oiling right now! Most essential oils remove the build-up that blocks the hair roots and inhibit the growth of healthy strands.
  • Promotes the regrowth of hair. Did you believe that once it’s gone, it will never come back? Hair can grow back again even on bald patches, as the clinical studies suggest. Massage the oil deep into the scalp, and it will stimulate faster hair regrowth.
  • Conditions strands. You know that your hair needs to be hydrated and conditioned to prevent its breaking. Constant moisture will eliminate the risk of frizz, split ends, dull texture, and many other problems.
  • Nourishes scalp and follicles. Essential oils are rich in minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients required for healthy growing hair.
  • Removes dandruff. The antimicrobial effects of the natural remedies will eliminate the skin disorder that causes the shedding of high amounts of dead skin flakes from the scalp.
  • Balances hormones and reduces stress. Research shows that hair loss occurs due to high-stress levels and hormone imbalance – when the male hormone Dihydrotestosterone is produced in excess and causes the miniaturization of follicles. Several oils calm you and help you to reverse hair loss naturally.

How to use essential oils for hair growth

Woman shows how to make use of oils on your hair

When it comes to oil, you must remember that less is more. You shouldn’t apply a whole bottle of essential oil, believing it’s the way to enjoy the best results. On the contrary, it may irritate the scalp, and you will experience the side effects of oil misuse.

Dilute the essential oil (EO) in a carrier oil. The carrier oil (CO) is a vegetable oil – grapeseed oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, etc. – that ensures that the essential oils applied externally are safe and comfortable to the skin. If the EO is usually used in a small amount – several drops – the CO can be poured generously onto the hair. Some women pack their hair in olive oil for hours, then wash it off to obtain a silky-smooth crowning glory. If you don’t think you can manage the whole process by yourself, get a hair loss shampoo that contains a series of similar natural ingredients as well.

What are the best 10 essential oils for hair?

The list includes dozens of oils. However, you must apply them with a CO that protects your skin, as most of the EO are too potent to use directly on tissues. Here are the best 10 essential oils for hair growth:

  1. Rosemary essential oil – is one of the most powerful essential oils for hair thickness and growth. The herbal extract boosts the metabolism of cells, encourages the healing of follicles, and stimulates the production of new scalp strands. A clinical study from 2015 proved that Rosemary oil is just as potent as the solution 2% Minoxidil. However, you should apply it regularly for several months in a row to enjoy a fuller, healthier, and shinier hair.
  2. Lavender essential oil – has antimicrobial effects and combats dandruff naturally. The natural remedy reduces the stress levels, keeps hormones under control, and reduces hair loss naturally. Why should you use it? Lavender increases the number of follicles and thickens hair without causing any adverse effects.
  3. Cedarwood essential oil – works by stimulating the blood circulation in the scalp, which improves the health of hair from root to tip. More oxygen and nutrients will be delivered to the follicles, and it will reflect in more lustrous strands and faster hair growth rate.
  4. Chamomile oil – softens threads and gives a wonderful shine to your locks. The benefits will go further, as the extract of Chamomile conditions the hair, reduces inflammation, cures dandruff, and relieves psoriasis. It eliminates the harmful bacteria that could trigger patchy hair loss and protects your crowning glory from the environmental pollutants.
  5. Peppermint oil – promotes the blood flow to the scalp and gives a cooling effect. The natural oil promotes the growth of hair by cleansing the clogged pores and rejuvenating the hair follicles. Studies showed it also balances the sebum production and assists the consumers with dry, itchy scalp.
  6. Lemongrass oil – is applied on the scalp to strengthen the follicles and cleanse the pores. It has antimicrobial effects; thus, it removes dandruff together with some of the possible causes of hair loss. additionally, Lemongrass essential oil relieves stress and soothes the irritated scalp safely.
  7. Clary sage oil – reverses the signs of alopecia in the comfort of your home. Its health properties include regulating the sebum production, diminishing the scalp inflammation, relieving skin rash, and balancing the hormone levels. The natural ingredient fights off hair loss caused by high stress levels and stimulates the development of new strands on the head.
  8. Tea tree oil – unclogs the hair roots and helps them to produce fortified strands. The extract of Melaleuca Alternifolia cures dandruff and other skin conditions, and combat flaking skin naturally. When it is used regularly on hair, Tea Tree oil improves the hair health and accelerates its growth.
  9. Ylang Ylang essential oil – ought to be applied when you have thin and brittle locks. Because it stimulates the production of natural oils in the scalp, it helps keeping the strands moisturized and healthy. Plus, it balances the hormone levels and keeps the production of DHT under control. Thus, it will inhibit the loss of hair and preserve the beauty of your locks.
  10. Vetiver oil – is essential for hair growth. The remedy reduces stress and prevents the premature aging of the follicles. It has a sweet smell and cooling effects, reason why numerous hair care products contain it.

Hair growth list of essential oils

Best recipes for hair regrowth

Depending on your hair length and what you want to accomplish, you can use various combinations of essential oils and carrier oils to improve the growth of hair. The most commonly used carriers are Argan oil, Kernel oil, Shea butter oil, Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Castor oil, Grapeseed oil, Flaxseed oil, Neem oil, Rose Hip oil, Sunflower oil, Sesame oil, and Wheat Germ oil. You can pour several drops of EO in 1-2 tablespoons of CO and other ingredients, as well: bananas, honey, avocado, egg yolks, milk.

Improve the beauty of your locks with the best DIY oil recipes:

10 drops Rosemary oil + 10 drops Lavender oil + 2 tbsp Coconut oil + 7 drops Cedarwood oil + 4 tbsp Castor oil – mix them until you obtain a homogenous paste. Apply on dry hair, keep it for at least half an hour, then rinse and wash with your regular shampoo. The recipe will strengthen follicles, cleanse the scalp, boost the blood flow, and promote the hair growth.

6 drops Vetiver oil + 6 drops Tea Tree oil + 2 tbsp Jojoba oil – combine the natural ingredients in a bowl and massage the ointment to your scalp and hair. The oils will moisturize strands, repair the follicles, and encourage the production of new, stronger hairs.

5 drops Lemongrass oil + 5 drops Clary Sage oil + 5 drops Ylang Ylang oil + 3 tbsp Olive oil – keep the solution for 30-60 minutes on your hair, then wash it thoroughly. Repeat once weekly to reverse hair loss and accelerate the hair growth rate naturally.

Advantages of oiling your hair regularly

You don’t have to spend a fortune on hair loss treatments that may or may not work. Learn how to use the natural oils to your advantage! Find the combinations that are suitable for your hair type, and keep in mind that the essential oils will not cause any side effects. When you use them on a weekly basis, the natural oils will fix hair problems and promote the development of healthy scalp strands.

The best hair growth oils will restore the beauty of your locks and protect your hair against the potentially harmful environmental factors. Do you want to speed up the growth rate with a solution that will also nourish the scalp and fight off frizzy strands? Apply the essential oils recommended above and, within weeks, you will enjoy growing your hair longer, stronger, and thicker!