Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer – your guide to growing beautifully long lashes

Women spend on average 55 minutes a day in front of the mirror, perfecting their appearance before leaving the house. After applying the moisturizer, under-eye concealer, BB cream or foundation, blush, lipstick, curling the eyelashes, and putting the mascara, they are almost ready to go. Some women use false eyelashes on a daily basis to make their natural hairs look longer. What if you could improve your own eyelashes to their maximum potential? Here’s why you should use Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer. Take a look at our guide to growing beautifully long lashes naturally.

What is Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer?

Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer

The scientists behind the Bellavei products aimed to develop a powerful formula that will assist women from all over the world to boost the lash length naturally. Nuviante consists in a combination of three products that work together to improve the appearance and texture of eyelashes. The Eyelash Enhancer, Follicle Therapy, and Advanced Hair Growth Formula contain 100% natural ingredients that were proven to deliver the best results for eyelash growth.

The Nuviante Luxury Kit works from inside out to boost the development of hairs and elongate them. The systemic treatment (capsules) and topical approach (eyelash growth serum) will repair the follicles and strengthen the eyelashes. The hairs will thicken, their growth rate is accelerated, and the breakage is prevented. What does Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer contain?

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Nuviante ingredients

You don’t have to waste precious time using the eyelash curler and applying false lashes whenever you want to get an impressive look. The natural compounds added to the Nuviante composition will assist the growth of lashes in less than a month of treatment. Read below about the Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer ingredients:

  • biotinBiotin – Vitamin B7 – or Vitamin H, is a nutrient essential for the hair health. Although we need only 30 to 100 mcg of it daily, Biotin plays a significant role in improving the body’s keratin infrastructure. The vitamin is one of the components of the Nuviante Advanced Hair Growth Formula because it fortifies lashes from roots to tips. As a bonus, it promotes the health of nails and head hair.
  • Para aminobenzoic AcidPABA – Para-aminobenzoic Acid – is used to restore hair to original color and improve the growth of healthy eyelashes. Used with B complex vitamins, PABA boosts the development of strands and thickens lashes naturally. How much of it do we need? 30 to 400 mg of PABA will work wonders for the wellness of hair.
  • Marine-Polysaccharide – strengthens the roots of eyelashes and prevents hair loss without giving any adverse effects. The Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer element offers protection against potentially harmful agents and improves the appearance of eyelashes. With a daily intake of 300 mg a day you will ensure longer, denser, and darker eyelashes without having to use fake lashes or mascara!
  • Amino Acids – L-Methionine and L-Cysteine – is the secret behind celebrity eyelashes and eyebrows. These ingredients are a part of the Nuviante formula because they assist building keratin in the hair shaft. Consume approximately 100-500 mg L-Methionine and 500 mg L-Cysteine, and your eyelashes will gain an incredible length!
  • Pantothenic Acid – Vitamin B5 – is a popular remedy against thinning hair. The nutrient was proved to maintain follicles healthy and prevent the breakage of strands. When used topically, on the eyelids, or internally (5-7 mg a day), Vitamin B5 improves the lash length and encourages the new growth once the old hairs fall.
  • Rosemary extract – was included in the Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer composition for its anti-inflammatory effects. When applied on the eyelids, the essential oil will stimulate the production of fuller and denser eyelashes. Use it on the head scalp, and the Rosemary extract will slow graying, prevent baldness, and eliminate dandruff naturally. When taken as an oral supplement, the dosage should not exceed 35-500 mg a day.
  • horsetailHorsetail Silica extract – is beneficial for a wide variety of health problems. The therapeutic plant removes dandruff, boosts the hair growth, and prevents the loss of strands. The Nuviante compound is rich in silica, calcium, tannins, saponins, phytosterols, fatty acids, manganese, caffeic acids esters, phenolic acids, and numerous other nutrients vital for the health of eyelashes and head hair. According to the specialists, you should not take more than 400-1500 mg Horsetail extract a day.
  • HoneyHoney – has the ability to seal moisture in the hairs and prevent their damaging. Whether you apply it as a natural remedy at home or you use it as Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer Serum, Honey will strengthen follicles, unclog pores, aid the nourishment of roots, and stop the hair fall. Additionally, it boosts the length of eyelashes and stimulates the regrowth of strands from dormant follicles. Consuming more than 50 ml Honey (10 teaspoons) a day could result in side effects – bloating, stomach cramps, and acid reflux, among others.
  • Kelp extractKelp – helps to regulate the hormones and works against the primary causes of hair loss. If the lashes are thin, Kelp will safely nourish the roots and promote the strengthening of strands. The plant is a rich source of iron, copper, zinc, manganese, calcium, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, magnesium, and vitamins A, B6, B12, and C. Most of the health supplements available on the market contain approximately 200-600 mg Kelp.
  • bamboo silicaBamboo Silica – is one of the Nuviante Follicle Therapy ingredients because it stimulates the blood circulation to the extremities and supplies the follicles with the nutrients required to grow longer and more appealing eyelashes and eyebrows. The extract of Bamboo improves the production of collagen, repairs the hair shafts, and assists the consumers in obtaining fabulous strands on the eyelids without having to apply fake eyelashes. Daily supplementation of 10-30 mg Bamboo Silica will ensure the benefits expected without putting your health at risk.
  • Inositol – Vitamin B8 – is essential to maintain the cell structure, shape, and integrity. It combats hair loss naturally and promotes the growth of healthy strands on the eyelids. According to the scientists, Vitamin B8 helps cells to keep proper moisture levels; lashes are protected against breakage, while the roots will grow strands at a faster rate than usual. How much Inositol do we need? The recommended daily allowance is from 500 mg to 1800 mg.
  • MSM – Methylsulfonylmethane – was added to the formulation of Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer for its capability to promote the absorption of nutrients in the cells. The natural ingredient treats hair fall naturally and was proven to encourage the development of eyelashes in patients whose natural hairs are thin. When you want to boost the eyelashes length without harming your health, start taking 3 g of MSM a day.

How it works

How nuviante works

What is the science behind Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer? The beauty product has made a huge splash into the scene because it naturally lengthens eyelashes, boosts their density, and eliminates the need to use false lashes. Maybe you will not give up to mascara, but your natural hairs will look impressive even without darkening them.

First, the systemic treatment – Advanced Hair Growth Formula and Follicle Therapy capsules – works by improving the hair growth rate and strengthening the follicles. After ingesting the supplement, the ingredients pass through the digestive system, where they are absorbed and transmitted to the targeted area. The Nuviante components are transported through the blood to the eyelids, eyebrows, and scalp, to nourish the hair roots and promote the growth of longer and denser strands.

On the other hand, the Nuviante Eyelash Growth Serum will function immediately after use. The components are absorbed in the skin and hairs on the eyelid, where they help rebuilding the roots and improve the nourishment of strands. Soon, the eyelashes will start to grow faster, longer, fuller, and darker. Within less than a month of using the Nuviante System, your beautiful lashes will gain an incredible length – and you will not have to glue falsies anymore.

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Why is Nuviante a better option than false eyelashes?

You might be in love with lash extensions, individual eyelashes, or mink lashes, but they aren’t the safest method to elongate your natural hairs. Why don’t you grow your natural lashes to their maximum potential? With Nuviante, you will not have to risk your health, nor waste precious time sticking the falsies to your eyelid or eyelashes.

Based on over 90% of the customer reviews, the Nuviante products will not cause any adverse effects or unpleasant consequences. The natural ingredients were thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy before including them in the eyelash enhancer. Moreover, they boost the hair health, stimulate the healing of the follicles, and accelerate the growth of strands naturally.

On the other hand, the glues used to fix the false eyelashes might result in side effects and the loss of the natural hairs on the eyelid. According to the information published on, eyelash extensions could trigger irritation, allergic reactions, swelling, and redness, among any problems. In conclusion, enhancing the lash length with Nuviante Eyelash Serum and Capsules is the safest and best way to accomplish long and fluttery eyelashes.

Nuviante is a better option

Your guide to boosting the lash thickness at home

Whether your hairs were damaged by lash extensions and you want to repair them, or you put your mind into increasing the length of eyelashes, you can obtain it with natural remedies. Did you know that coconut oil nourishes the hair roots and repairs the strands? Using it on a daily basis will help increase the growth and thickness of eyelashes.

Does food influence the lash growth? Based on, protein deficiency might inhibit the development of hair. In addition to following treatment with Nuviante, you should consume plenty of protein-rich sources to restore the wellness of lashes and elongate them naturally. Here are a few examples of foods with protein: eggs, almonds, cottage cheese, oats, chicken or turkey breast, broccoli, milk, quinoa, fish, lentils, pumpkin seeds, and peanuts.

Other minerals, vitamins, and supplements for enhancing eyelashes include:

  • B vitamins – they were proven to help lashes grow longer and thicker.
  • Iron – carries the oxygen to the follicles and boosts the development of strands.
  • Vitamin C – reduces the damaging of eyelashes and prevents their immature aging.
  • Vitamin D – cuts the eyelash loss and fortifies hair roots.
  • Vitamin E – which is naturally found in honey, this Nuviante ingredient – repairs and builds follicles, reduces the inflammation in the skin and promotes the growth of new strands.
  • Zinc – from seafood like Kelp – encourages the creation of new cells and enhances the density of lashes.

Add these nutrients to your diet when also using the Nuviante serum and pills, and your natural hairs will grow healthier, stronger, and more appealing.

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How to use Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer

Most of the Nuviante consumers were intrigued that this system implies using a serum and taking the health supplements, as well. The experts behind the lash enhancer formula have studied how hair grows and how to accelerate its development. So, here’s how to use Nuviante to accomplish the best results:

  1. Take 2 capsules of the Advanced Hair Growth Formula daily, preferably with breakfast.
  2. Ingest 2 pills of the Follicle Therapy daily, immediately after lunch.
  3. Use the Nuviante Eyelash Growth Serum before bedtime. First, remove the makeup or cleanse the skin with your cosmetic products, then gently massage the eyelids to promote the blood flow and improve the absorption of the ingredients. Apply the local solution in 2-3 coats and avoid rubbing your eyes.

You should use the 3-step system for at least 3 months to enjoy the best results and achieve beautifully longer eyelashes. Based on the clinical studies performed by the Nuviante manufacturer, in only a few weeks of use, the lash density will enhance by 82% while the length by 25%. Afterward, what you must do is take care of your newly-gained impressive eyelashes.

How to protect your lashes with Nuviante Serum

Nuviante Luxury KitNow that your natural hairs have grown longer and more beautiful, you must preserve their wellness and appearance. Remember to remove makeup before going to bet and apply the serum to the clean skin. Brush your lashes every day and avoid using the heated eyelash curler – it can damage your hairs and trigger their fall.

Although the Nuviante tablets fortify the eyelashes from follicle to the tips, it does not mean that the results are permanent. You must avoid wrecking your hairs with false eyelashes or extensions and massage your eyelids regularly to improve the overall health of the roots and strands. Here’s what the consumers have to say about the Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer Kit.

Nuviante reviews

Monica, Charleston, West Virginia – “After using false lashes for one or two years, I noticed that the natural hairs went thinner and less dense. I used petroleum jelly for a while, but a friend recommended me Nuviante for faster results. In only one month of treatment, the serum and capsules strengthened the lashes and elongated them. plus, my head hair looks amazing, and I feel more confident than ever!

Zoe, Springfield, Illinois – “My mother gave me a three-month supply of Nuviante Luxury Kit after hearing me complaining about my eyelashes. I hesitated, at first, but in just two weeks of using the Nuviante Serum, the eyelashes grew longer and somehow darker. I wish I would have found it sooner!

Numerous other honest testimonials reveal the potency and safety of the Nuviante System. Are you concerned that it might not work for you? The official supplier guarantees that the three-step eyelash enhancer formula will lengthen and thicken the lashes naturally.

Why should you use Nuviante?

Growing your lashes is more convenient than having to schedule several visits to the salon for falsies. Instead of risking the well-being of the hairs on the eyelid, you should nourish and fortify them with Nuviante. The Advanced Hair Growth Formula, Eyelash Enhancer Serum, and Follicle Therapy were clinically proven to absorb in the system, rebuild the follicles, and accelerate the hair growth rate safely and efficiently.

What is the secret behind Nuviante? Actually, there’s no magic. According to the dermatologists and scientists who developed the eyelash enhancer, the 3-step kit is appreciated by the audience because it combines the best ingredients from nature with cutting-edge science. So, where should you order it?

Where to buy Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer?

The effective lash growth treatment is available on the Nuviante online store. After visiting the official webpage, you will learn what your options are and what discounts does the supplier offer. As for the Nuviante price, it is considerably more affordable than some false lashes.

Why would you give from $120 to $300 on lash extensions, when you could pay less for the 2-month supply of Nuviante? Benefit of the limited deals and order the best eyelash growth system for a reduced cost. Plus, in several parts of the world, the shipping is free.

This guide has revealed you how to use Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer to grow beautifully long lashes. Why do we love it? Although it can be acquired only from the official website, it can be delivered to your address within days, and the results will appear in just a couple of weeks. Order Nuviante and tell us how it worked for you!

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