FollicleRX hair growth

Millions of men worldwide start losing their head hair in their 30-40s. Male pattern baldness becomes more noticeable each day, and the desire to stop the loss of hair turns out into an obsession. Were you aware that you can end the hair fall effectively in the comfort of your home? Learn everything you need to know about FollicleRX, the most recent innovation in hair growth for men.

What is FollicleRX?

The health supplement was manufactured in the Bellavei laboratories of the United States. FollicleRX Advanced Hair Growth Formula for Men is designed to stop hair thinning in men and promote the regrowth of healthy strands on the scalp. The dietary supplement is formulated as capsules and contains only natural ingredients that were thoroughly tested and proven to work. The benefits of using FollicleRX include:

  • Reducing hair loss
  • Repairing damaged follicles
  • Strengthening hair from roots to tips
  • Stimulating the regrowth of new, healthy strands

Shortly after starting the treatment with FollicleRX, amazing results will appear. Strands will gradually grow in the areas with genetic thinning hair, and the signs of alopecia will be less noticeable. What is the secret behind the Advanced Hair Growth Formula? Discover the FollicleRX ingredients.

What does FollicleRX contain?

FollicleRX ingredients

  • Biotin – also known as Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H, the nutrient works wonders for hair restoration. Biotin plays a crucial role in metabolism, as it supports the body to process energy and transport the carbon dioxide from cells. It was added to the composition of FollicleRX because it improves the keratin infrastructure, which is what the hair is made of. The studies suggest that the recommended daily dose of biotin is 30 mcg, and the deficiency may result in hair loss.
  • Vitamin B5 – or pantothenic acid – nourishes follicles and promotes the growth of healthy hair. The vitamin works together with biotin to increase the diameter of the strands and thickens them naturally. Plus, the FollicleRX ingredient strengthens the hair fibers and protects them against damage (caused by aging, pulling, and UV rays, among other harmful factors).
  • PABA – or Para-Amino Benzoic Acid – is an effective solution for both men and women affected by thinning hair. The non-protein amino acid is frequently referred to as “the anti-grey hair vitamin” because it restores greying hair to its natural color. Apart from darkening strands, PABA also encourages hair growth naturally and provides numerous other benefits for the health of the scalp. The FollicleRX component protects against the harmful sun rays, stops the genetic hair loss, and fortifies the follicles.
  • horsetailHorsetail – with the medical term Equisetum arvense – should be present in any medicine cabinet. The herb was included in the FollicleRX formula because it is rich in minerals that are essential for the hair health. The silicon contained strengthens strands and promotes their structural integrity. Other nutrients from horsetail are selenium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, calcium, iron, caffeic acid, and tannic acid, among others. These elements work synergistically to prevent baldness, combat dry hair, and eliminate dandruff and seborrhea.
  • Proteins – are mandatory for hair loss prevention. When the hair is dull and breaks easily, you must consume more protein-rich foods. The Advanced Hair Growth Formula for Men contains proteins that promote healthy hair development and curb the loss of strands naturally. It may not change your genes, but proteins will alleviate male pattern baldness and reduce the symptoms of falling hair. Due to proteins, FollicleRX reduces the effects of stress and functions by repairing and thickening strands.
  • Natural oils – have antibacterial properties, cuts the damaged produced to hair, and improve the natural luster of locks. The oils extracted from medicinal herbs and plants treat dandruff and dry scalp, fortify the follicles, and accelerate the hair growth rate without giving any adverse effects. Only several drops are enough to moisturize and combat brittle fibers. The essential oils are a part of the FollicleRX composition because they contain plenty of vitamins and nutrients that repair hair, stop the development of male pattern baldness, and stimulate the growth of new strands even on bald spots.
  • Sea-life polysaccharides – or marine carbohydrates – neutralize the activity of free radicals and reduce the damage produced to scalp hair. One of the major benefits of the FollicleRX ingredient is regenerating and prolonging the lifespan of strands. It means that the hair thinning stops gradually, and the follicles will start to grow healthier hairs.

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How it works

The ingredients added to the Advanced Hair Growth Formula work synergistically to promote healthy hair development. If some of the compounds target the follicles and rebuild them, others repair the fibers and improve the hair strength.

FollicleRX will start to function from the first day of use. However, the results will become noticeable after several weeks of taking the tablets. Did you know that the average hair growth rate is 0.5 inches per month? Be diligent, use the supplement as recommended, and you will soon eliminate the signs of alopecia.

What are the side effects of FollicleRX?

FollicleRX side effectsThe 100% natural health supplement fights against the most common triggers of hair loss without causing any negative outcomes. FollicleRX Advanced Hair Growth Formula is entirely risk-free for men of all ages. Taking the capsules accordingly to instructions will deliver the results expected with several weeks of treatment.

However, if you have a sensitivity or allergic reaction to any of the ingredients, you must stop using the hair growth treatment. Although the tablets were carefully tested and proven to be safe, you might get skin rash or other adverse effects if you have an allergy to any of the pills’ compounds. Discuss with your healthcare provider before taking any medicines, and find what is the best hair supplement for you.

How to use FollicleRX to stop the loss of hair

It’s tempting to take more capsules in the attempt to accelerate the appearance of visible results. But the experts advise that using too much of FollicleRX could affect the overall health of the consumers. Here’s how to take the hair growth supplement: swallow one capsule every day, in the morning or at lunch, preferably with a meal.

The powerful compounds will absorb together with the food, enter the bloodstream, and transport directly to the scalp. Here, the nutrients will reach to the follicles to rebuild them and promote the development of new, healthier strands. In the first few weeks of treatment with FollicleRX, the consumers will observe that the hair shedding stops, and strands become stronger. In a couple of months, hair gets denser on the thin areas, and the signs of male pattern baldness will be less noticeable. What are the customers saying about the hair growth formula?

FollicleRX reviews

FollicleRX reviews

“I grew up hoping that I wouldn’t inherit my father’s baldness. In my late 20s, I noticed that the hairline recedes, and the strands fell more easily off the scalp. Thankfully, I discovered FollicleRX and ordered it immediately. In only a few weeks, the results were amazing! The hair treatment stopped the shedding and improved the overall look of hair. It really does what it says!”George, Atlanta.

“When my hair started to fall, I thought that it is only regenerating. But the scalp became thinner, and there were no signs of regrowth. After multiple attempts to repair the damage, with various products that gave zero benefits, I came across FollicleRX. The capsules worked from the first week, stopping the loss of hair and speeding the growth of new strands.” Paul, Brooklyn.

Numerous other consumer reviews testify the efficacy of Follicle Advanced Hair Growth Formula for Men. According to the honest testimonials, the capsules start to work within days after beginning the treatment. However, the specialists behind the hair regrowth product recommend taking the pills for several months in a row to enjoy maximum benefits. Are you concerned that FollicleRX is a scam because it wasn’t approved by the FDA?

The Food & Drug Administration evaluates foods and medicines. They do not analyze or test health supplements like FollicleRX. Nevertheless, the natural ingredients used to obtain the advanced formula for hair growth were thoroughly researched in numerous clinical tests that proved their safety. In fact, FollicleRX is safer and more efficient than its alternatives.

How is FollicleRX different from other hair loss treatments?

Getting a hair transplant may provide faster results, but the procedure is invasive and implies numerous side effects. Apart from costing quite a fortune – from $4,000 to $15,000 – the hair grafts and micrografts can result in inflammation, infection, and pain.

The prescribed medicines for hair regrowth – Rogaine (Minoxidil) and Propecia (Finasteride) – work by slowing the thinning of hair and increasing the coverage of scalp. Similarly to FollicleRX, these drugs ought to be regularly used to provide the benefits expected. Unlike the natural treatment for hair loss, Rogaine and Propecia need a visit to the doctor and could trigger adverse effects.

Using home remedies for hair loss – neem, coconut milk, onion juice, beetroot, amla, potatoes, licorice root – will improve the scalp health and encourage the growth of new strands. The truth is that these topical treatments are effective because they include in their composition some of the FollicleRX ingredients. However, the Advanced Hair Growth Formula for Men contains the right amounts of components required to rebuild roots and accelerate the development of healthy hairs.

What about scalp massage? Performed with or without hot oils, the massage of the scalp aims to increase the blood flow to the scalp area. Our advice? Massage the hair roots regularly when you follow the treatment with FollicleRX Formula. This way, you accelerate the absorption of the ingredients into the follicles and promote the appearance of the health benefits.

Where to buy FollicleRX Advanced Hair Growth Formula for Men?

Order FollicleRX

The health supplement is available on the FollicleRX official website. It’s best to purchase it online because the treatment for hair loss comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. In other words, if you are not happy with the results obtained, you can get a refund from the supplier. Though, the best hair loss treatment for men will deliver the effects desired after at least 2 months of use. A shorter period of use will benefit hair, but it is unlikely to provide a fuller scalp.

Buy FollicleRX from the manufacturer’s web store, and it will be delivered to your address within days. As for the price of the hair growth treatment, one-month supply – a bottle has 30 capsules – costs $54.95. Why don’t you choose the great value package? Order the 5-month supply and pay only $29.95 per bottle. By the end of the last month of use, the potent hair growth supplement will ensure full coverage of your scalp and restore your confidence.

Pros and cons of FollicleRX

  • Nourishes the scalp, follicles, and strands
  • Repairs and strengthens damaged fibers
  • Stops male pattern baldness
  • Promotes rapid cell development and accelerates the growth of hair
  • An overwhelming majority of consumer reviews are positive
  • It is more efficient than any hair loss shampoo on the market
  • Zero side effects or health risks
  • It can be used by both men and women who want to stop the loss of hair naturally
  • Can be acquired without medical prescription
  • Cannot be used by consumers who are allergic to any of the FollicleRX ingredients
  • Growing hair takes time – expect to take the FollicleRX capsules for several months in a row until the scalp is fuller
  • Is not available in drugstores, but you can purchase it online

FollicleRX is your effective way to stop hair loss at home. Whether caused by genes, hormones, or too much stress, the damage produced to hair will soon reverse. The advanced formula will promote healthy follicles and prevent the further shedding. Place your order on the FollicleRX website, and promote the regrowth of hair naturally!

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