Eyelash glue – Best 5 suppliers

Falsies give a fabulous look and improve the self-image of women from all over the world. They come in a wide range of styles and are perfect to wear for days. A professional will apply the false eyelashes within minutes – or you can try to do it yourself in the comfort of your home. What should you expect? Will the eyelash glue last long enough? Here are the best 5 suppliers of false eyelash glues.

Best Eyelash Glue

How does the glue work?

The eyelash glue is an adhesive used to stick the falsies to the lash line. In most of the cases, the package of eyelash extensions or false eyelashes contains their own glue. Read the instructions carefully, and you will find out that you ought to patch test it on the skin of your hand before applying it on the eyelid. Once you know it will not irritate you, you can proceed and use it to attach the false eyelashes.

The lash glue works almost instantly. How should you use it? Most manufacturers recommend applying dots of adhesive on the false lashes, then spreading it on the strip with a toothpick. This way, you will avoid using too much of it onto the sensitive skin near the eyes. Another advice to use the eyelash glue implies dabbing it on the clean fingertips before placing it on the falsies.

Because it is waterproof, the adhesive can last for days – or weeks – on the lash line. The glues were thoroughly tested to ensure that they do not cause side effects to the consumers. However, the ingredients used to obtain the lash adhesive could lead to unpleasant consequences for allergic people or individuals with very sensitive skin. Hence, the importance to test it on the hand before applying it onto the eyelashes.

A beginner’s guide to fake eyelashes

Guide to fake lashesYou watched dozens of tutorials by now, but you still don’t understand how to apply falsies for a flawless appearance. Those who are unfamiliar with them believe that the fake eyelashes exist in the realm of emotional, special occasions. Perhaps you think that you shouldn’t apply the eyelash glue on a daily basis, or your shaky hands could not perform the tricky routine.

Using the eyeliner alone is a nightmare! Thankfully, you can get the assistance of a professional and get falsies that can be worn for weeks. The most commonly used types of lashes are mink, synthetic, natural, faux-mink, individual, lash extensions, and magnetic. Here are the best false lashes for beginners:

    • Natural lashes – they mimic the natural lash line pattern but give an extra curl and length. They are perfect for those who used to apply ungodly amounts of mascara on their rather short lashes. Natural fake eyelashes provide natural fullness and blend seamlessly into your natural strands. Plus, they are pretty affordable – the lashes alone are $5. Glue them on the eyelid, close to the hairs, and you’ll look fabulous!
    • Full and glam lashes – the band where you apply the glue is larger so that the voluminous strip lashes will provide you a glamorous appearance. Unfortunately, this type of lashes isn’t appropriate for those with sensitive eyes. Do you want to look bold and edgy? The full volume eyelashes will open your eyes and add more depth to the facial features. Our tip? Clip the ends of the fake lashes if you have smaller shaped eyes. This way, they won’t block your view. The price of a nice pair costs about $20.
    • Individual single lashes – how are they different from the strips? They ought to be attached individually to the eyelid. Since it’s not the best option for a beginner, you should make an appointment to a beauty salon. Remember to test the glue before applying it to the sensitive skin near the eyes! As for the price, it would cost from $100 to $200. Then, the price of the touch-up and refill will be $55-120.
    • Individual flare lashes – are available for a modest cost – from $15 to $30. They give a semi-permanent volume and provide thickness to your natural lashes. If you don’t know how to choose the best glue for the eyelashes, you have to consult with a lash tech before applying it to your lash line.

Types of eyelash glues

Types of eyelash gluesThe adhesives can be divided by the kind of the material used on the glue and whether it is clear or tinted. Furthermore, not all of the eyelash glues are waterproof – some can be washed off before bedtime. Learn about the most commonly used lash adhesives:

Liquid eyelash glue – lasts more than other adhesives. It is formulated as a liquid solution and ought to be discarded with an eyelash glue remover. The medical glue provides flexibility and strength, features that are mandatory when you want to apply the falsies.

Latex adhesive – is a type of glue that contains rubber latex. Thus, it gives durability and steadiness to the false eyelashes, which will last for long on the eyelid. If you are allergic to latex, you should select one of the other types of glues. Moreover, most of the rubber latex adhesives contain formaldehyde, ingredient that causes keratoconjunctivitis, according to the study pubished here.

Cream eyelash glue – it is more sticky than other types of adhesives, and most of the consumer reviews reveal it’s the trickiest of all the products used to stick the lash extensions. If you are a beginner, you should stay away from it. The unskillful use will result in unnatural eyelashes with unaesthetic lumps.

What are the best 5 suppliers of lash adhesives?

We made a list of the most popular eyelash glues. However, it does not mean that the products listed here will provide you the results expected. Remember to patch test it on your skin and make sure you are not allergic to any of the adhesives’ ingredients. Take a look at the most appreciated lash adhesives:

  1.  DUO Lash Adhesive – the product is sold at MAC Cosmetics and in numerous online stores. Made of Nitrocellulose and Alcohol Denat, the adhesive ensures the effects desired without causing too many negatives consequences. It is currently one of the world’s best-selling waterproof eyelash glue and comes in clear or dark tones. The product enables an easy application and can be used with any strip lashes.
  2. Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive – is one of the best on the market because it is formulated with natural ingredients, friendly acids, and acrylates that protect the skin around the eyes. It sticks the falsies for days, since it’s waterproof, and dries clear. Are you a beginner? You’ll love Revlon’s adhesive. Why? Because it’s ultra-thin brush enables a smooth, mess-free application, perfect for individual flare lashes.
  3. Ardell Lash Grip Strip Adhesive – should be your best friend if you use falsies occasionally. Just pour a small amount of the latex-water mixture on the strip of false eyelashes, and it will quickly dry without giving an unnatural look. You can buy it from Amazon for a fairly small price. Plus, it can be removed easily at home. Check out other glues from the supplier, and you will find the best option for your type of false eyelashes.
  4. Cardani Latex Free Secure Hold Glue – if you cannot use our previous recommendation, due to a latex allergy, you should try this one. In fact, the product is one of the best-selling lash glues. It has a brush applicator, the solution dries clearly, and has a long-lasting power that you’ll appreciate.
  5. Blink Ultra Plus – the Lash Adhesive Bonding Glue can bond your falsies for up to 8 weeks. Although you shouldn’t wear the lash extensions for so long, it’s good to know that this product will meet your expectations. The best thing about it? It dries out within 2-3 seconds, and it is as dark as an eyeliner, so it’s perfect when you’re on the go. But we have to be honest – Blink Ultra Plus shouldn’t be your first option if you are a beginner. Leave it to the professionals!

How safe is the eyelash adhesive?

Yes, it is sticky. If your hands aren’t still, it may get into your eyes, and it will burn. Our advice? Keep your eye shut the whole time when you put the lash extension. This way, the glue will not enter your eye. If it happens, however, use some saline solution or request immediate medical care.

The experts from FDA highlight that the dangers of having falsies glued to the eyelid include irritation, allergies, or injuries in the eye. The best way to avoid the side effects is to get the mink extensions fixed by a professional.

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