Best health books to read by age

Best health books

Do you often find yourself getting lost in a good read? Turning the pages of health books might be more beneficial than reading some of the bestsellers of the moment. Whether you want to find more about the human body or learn how to cook more nutritious meals, our recommendations will boost your motivation to change and increase your wellness. Scroll down to check our list of the best health books to read by age.

Health and nutrition books for preschoolers

Maybe your kid has stopped asking you to read them a bedtime story, and you forgot the pure bliss of spending quality time before sleep. Why don’t you rejoice with a healthy nutrition book with your little one? It’s a fun way to teach them about healthy eating. Plus, having a good laugh while learning about new things will certainly entertain your preschooler. What health books should you read with your kid?

1. “Why Should I Eat Well?” written by Claire Llewellyn and illustrated by Mike Gordon. The book funnily explains the importance of having a balanced diet. Your kid will know what good health habits are and that the junk food they love is not quite nutritious for their body.

2. “See Inside Your Body” by Katie Daynes is a good read for bookworms of all ages, especially if you are curious regarding the inner workings of the human body. The color illustrations display the organs and systems, with clear and informative descriptions comprehensible for preschoolers.

3. “Eating the Alphabet” by Lois Ehlert is available in e-book format and will reveal fruits and veggies from all over the world. The beautiful illustrations are likely to convince your 4-year old child to finally eat the broccoli from their plate.

Best medicine health textbooks for middle school students

Health books for middle school studentsIt’s time to engage middle schoolers with relevant topics they must acknowledge at this age. Their education doesn’t begin and end at school; on the contrary, it should happen at home, in an environment that will prepare them for the struggles and responsibilities of adulthood. What are the best health books to read in middle school?

1. “Sex, Puberty, and All That Stuff: A Guide to Growing Up” by Jacqui Bailey is a friendly health book that talks to teens in their language. Maybe you can’t find the words to explain what will happen to their body once the puberty strikes. This guide describes the body changes and discusses frankly about sex. If you can’t handle the conversations about pimples, kissing, crushes, and dating, then reading this book is a must.

2. “100 Questions You’d Never Ask Your Parents” written by Elisabeth Henderson comes with the right answers for middle school students who want to know “how it feels” and “is my body normal?”. It’s the age when your child is confused about her/his body, so you must get them this book to clear the enigmas.

3. “What to Do When You’re Scared and Worried” by James J. Crist addresses overly sensitive children who might feel overwhelmed by their emotions. The book explains how we all have worries and fears, and it comes with coping strategies that will help 9 to 14-years-old students deal with anxiety. The best part about it is that it teaches your kid to pay attention to their mental health.

Health books for high school students

Health books for high school studentsAt this age, keeping your child in love with books isn’t an easy job. How can you keep them enthused, when there are so many distractions that seem so much more significant to them? It’s less likely to find book recommendations on Facebook, Instagram, or Tweeter. Considering that each period of life comes with its challenges, you, as a parent, should try to provide them your example and read regularly. Slip them these books on their nightstand:

1. “We Are Okay” by Nina LaCour is a fictional book that your daughter will love. The novel is available in audiobook, e-book, or printed format and describes the experience of a girl who leaves her old life to start from the ground. Not exactly a health book, but it will assist high school students to understand themselves. It’s about the enduring power of friendship and loneliness – things that will touch your child’s heart.

2. “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” by Sean Covey is regarded as the ultimate teenage success guide. If your son needs some motivation, this book printed in more than five million copies is just perfect. Why should you recommend it to your kid? The bestseller was written to help teens resist pressure, get along with their parents, build friendships, improve self-image, and generally pave their way to a happy life.

3. “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” by Richard Carlson focuses on your mental health, as well. The candid guide to adolescence will prepare your child for what’s to come: break-ups, disappointment, having a bad hair day, or how to stay cool when other people’s mood can affect you. Walking away and knowing how to pick the right battle is something that we should all learn when we are in our high school years.

If you’re a college student, these are your books

Health books for college studentsYou are probably on your own, and you must eat on the run all the time. What if you’d start to prepare your meals? Eating healthy will support your overall wellness and ensure you the energy you need to learn at night or dance all night in the club, with your friends. Regardless, you should never stop reading, whether it’s a cooking book or the story of some fitness guru. College folks, these are the books that should add to your reading list:

1. “Brain Rules” by John Medina – because, at this age, students don’t really know what’s going on inside their heads. It is a health book that explains how and when the brain works at its best. The eTextbook (or audiobook, if you fancy it) includes well-written stories that display an impressive sense of humor. If you wish to understand more about the brain science, read this book.

2. “No Gym? No Problem!: The DIY Fitness Bible” – Patrick Dale – addresses to guys who aim to get fit without wasting precious time to and at the gym. Apart from being time-consuming, hitting the gym might be a little too expensive for college lads – especially if you juggle with studies and a part-time job. A healthy life relies on healthy habits, and this book will show you how to burn fat through gymless training. Pay attention to the recommendations of warming up, nutrition, mindset, and nutrition. Read it thoroughly and apply the principles described in the health book!

3. “The Healthy College Cookbook” written by Alexandra Nimetz, Emeline Starr, Jason Stanly, and Rachel Holcomb – is a masterpiece with quick, cheap, and easy recipes. It’s a cooking bible destined to busy college students who prefer to order pizza. The recipes are simple and adaptable for all tastes and budgets – including meat lovers, vegan, and vegetarian snacks, lunches, and dinners.

Bonus:The Smart Student’s Guide to Healthy Living” – M.J. Smith – shows that the college life is a bumpy ride – with ups and downs. Although you get to sleep for 2 hours a night and eat when you remember that you’re hungry, this book comes with simple bits of advice on how to sleep, eat, and exercise right. Why do we love it? Because it includes several recipes for smart snacks – and it does not imply burning down your dorm!

Top health books to read in 2018

Top health books 2018

After the age of 25, your interests are different. It’s the time when you’re focused on career and family, and when the things that are essential take shape. You still manage to take care of yourself, be active, and eat a balanced diet. What matters more is that you find time to practice your hobbies and read several pages before bedtime.

You must find what are the best and most awaited books to buy this year. Are you searching for the most effective herb-based diets, or do you want to know how to keep diseases at bay? What happens in the womb? Take a look at this list of health books to read in 2018.

1. “Sacred Herbs: Your Guide to 40 Medicinal Herbs and How to Use Them for Healing and Well-Being” – Opal Streisand – starts with several pages that reveal how we used the ancient wisdom to cure illnesses. The therapeutic plants described here can be acquired in various forms and can treat numerous health problems. Did you know that Rosemary and Sage can be used to boost mental capabilities and alleviate pain and inflammation? Turn the pages of the book and discover the amazing power of mother nature.

2. “The Rainbow Diet” written by Deanna Minich, Ph.D. – is a holistic approach to radiant health through foods and supplements. You don’t have to wait to get sick. Eat your way to better well-being – learn which foods you need to eat more and what should you consume more rarely. Why is this health book useful? It helps you to determine whether you have a nutritional deficiency and how to combat it naturally.

3. “Baby and Toddler Basics” by Tanya Altmann, MD FAAP – the parenting book provides expert answers to parents of children from birth to age 3. What topics does it cover? Everything you may need to know, from breastfeeding and first aid to vaccines, poop, and various health problems of your little one. If you’re expecting a baby, you must get this paperback.

4. “Dirty Genes” – by Dr. Ben Lynch – the author was intrigued by the cause of diseases and published this hardcover (available on Kindle and as an audiobook) on Jan 30, 2018. The doctor explains how our “dirty genes” are culpable of chronic health problems, autoimmune disorders, and obesity, among other issues. His experience in dealing with ailments and after treating thousands of patients helped him to write a health book that should not be missing from your reading list. You will learn how to sleep well, eat healthily, and move more to rewrite your genetic trait effectively.

5. “Happiness” written by Andy Cope – is certainly worth a read. The funny and practical book sketches your route map to inner joy in an entertaining way. Available as paperback or e-book, it describes how calm, enlightenment, and happiness – things that we usually hear in theory – can be achieved. The engaging book focuses on personal development and will help you look at your life from a different perspective.

We love books for so many reasons! They are imaginary journeys to other places, show us truths that we never thought existed, and unwind us in days when burdens almost crush us. We learn from health books that maintaining our overall wellness isn’t impossible, nor difficult.

These are some of the best health books to read by age. Whether you have a kid and you want to help them understand what happens to their body, or you need an advice to cope with stress, read the experts’ recommendations and put it into practice. Discover the latest trends in parenting, what diet prints have hit the shelves, or how to smoothen your way to success when you’re in college years. Which books deserve a spot on your reading list in 2018?