10 health benefits of tea tree oil

It was used by Aborigines in Australia for thousands of years. Also known as Melaleuca Alternifolia, tea tree oil has amazing therapeutic properties. Studies proved that it has antiseptic, antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral effects. When your skin is extremely dry, this essential oil will help you. Are your nails affected by onychomycosis? Tea tree oil will repair them quickly. Read further and discover the 10 health benefits of tea tree oil.

Why you need tea tree oil

Tea tree fresh and dried

It is practical, inexpensive, and has a fresh, earthy, woody aroma. The truth is that numerous health and skincare products contain tea tree oil in their composition. Because this “medicine cabinet in a bottle” cures burns, cuts, acne, ringworm, viral infections, and many others, it became popular worldwide. The primitive Australian communities crushed the leaves and simply applied them on skin infections.

How did it get our attention? Back in 1920, Arthur Penfold – an Australian state government chemist – edited and published several studies proving the antiseptic properties of tea tree oil (TTO). Because of the modern distillation methods, the effects were improved, and the potency increased. Plus, the extract of Melaleuca Alternifolia is clear and has a camphor-like scent.

After the ‘20s, the surgeons and dentists started to use it to prevent infections and clean wounds. Some of the best scientists believed that this natural ingredient is even more efficient than carbolic acid. In our days, we use it as mold treatment, toothbrush cleaner, laundry freshener, and natural pest control. Sprinkle several drops on kitchen and bathroom surfaces to keep mold away.

Did you know that your toothbrush is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold?

One drop on your toothbrush is enough to kill the harmful microorganisms. Put 3-4 drops in the washer to a crisper smell on your laundry, and combine it with a small amount of coconut oil when you want to get rid of mosquitos and other annoying bugs.

About the composition of tea tree oil

Herbs and benefits

Did you know that tea tree oil is toxic when taken orally? It’s the reason why you should use it only externally. You may inhale it, too – there’s evidence that aromatherapy with the essential oil will increase the blood flow and stimulate the hormone production.

Not less than 15 components are required to define an oil as “tea tree oil.” Therefore, it contains in its composition 6 different chemical combinations: a terpinolene type, a terpinen-4-ol type, and four 1,8-cineole types. Over 98 compounds are naturally included in these oils. And, as the laboratory tests show, terpinen-4-ol has the most powerful anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. On the other hand, the side effects of TTO appear because of the chemical called 1,8 cineole. So, when the content of 1,8 cineole is reduced – and it can be, in the laboratory – the risk of adverse reactions is eliminated.

It sounds incredible, but tea tree oil can actually kill methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in extra-nasal and nasal colonization studies. The evidence is not sufficient enough to recommend it for widespread use. It may also repel lice, but the children’ skin is too sensitive, and it may be irritated after applying tea tree oil. It’s best to try it on a small amount of skin before applying it on the skin to enjoy the health benefits.

Ten reasons why you should use it

1. Treats nail fungus.

Solution for nail fungus

Statistics show that almost 20% of all population will develop onychomycosis at certain point in their life. The numbers increase with age, and the symptoms might never disappear completely. Thankfully, the clinical tests proved that tea tree oil will eliminate the problem from the root. based on this reasearch, TTO has antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects; hence, it can also cure ringworm and athlete’s foot. When applied on infected nails, the discoloration will disappear, and the texture will improve. It is the system used by ZetaClear – click to read the article.

How should you use tea tree oil for onychomycosis?

Trim and clean the nails thoroughly, then pour one drop and massage it gently to penetrate the tissues. Repeat twice a day on all of your nails, and in several weeks, you will notice positive results. When you deal with athlete’s foot or ringworm, dilute several drops of TTO in some water and use a cotton ball to apply the solution on the skin. The unpleasant symptoms will go away soon, and the foot odor will disappear, as well.

2. Eliminates acne.

Acne healing with tea tree

Just a small amount of tea tree oil is enough to unblock the sebaceous glands and banish pimples and blackheads. Plus, the essential oil will disinfect and soothe the skin. It will not affect the natural oil production; thus, it will not cause further damage. You may purchase skincare products that already contain TTO, but it’s best to get it in natural form. The excessive production of sebum will not blacken the pores anymore if you use the oil regularly. It has antimicrobial effects, while it also accelerates the healing process.

Is your skin too sensitive?

Then don’t use the essential oil directly on acne. Dilute it with 20 ml water or mix it with 5-6 drops of olive oil/ coconut oil. Use a cotton ball as applicator and make sure that the problematic pores are taken care of. Are you annoyed by the presence of blackheads on your nose? Tea tree oil will do wonders, leaving your skin smooth, soft, and clean.

3. Alleviates psoriasis.

Psoriazis symptoms

It’s an autoimmune disease that can affect various parts of the body: nails, scalp, skin, and even joints. How do you recognize its symptoms? The dermal tissue produces excess cells that will develop flat, dry, and silvery patches. In some cases, psoriasis is painful and causes small skin cracks that bleed. Because stress, viral infections, and sunburn are often involved in the appearance of psoriasis, you can keep it under control with tea tree oil. The natural ingredient will reduce inflammation and regulate the immune system. It means that TTO will help your body fight off autoimmune conditions.

But remember that the undiluted oil can burn the skin. So, use a carrier oil (almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil) or water before healing psoriasis with tea tree oil. Apply it carefully on your skin before bedtime and leave it overnight. Wash it off the next morning with lukewarm water, and pat it dry before using a powerful moisturizer. You have to repeat the process daily if you want to obtain visible results. The good news is that the same treatment can be applied to diminish skin rash and allergy. The itchiness and pain will disappear, and the skin will regain its suppleness and health.

4. Removes dandruff and prevents hair fall.

Healthy hair treated with tea trea

Tea tree oil is amazing for your scalp and hair! When you are overstress and the strands start to fall, shampoos with TTO extract will enhance the wellness of your hair. If the scalp is too dry and the pores are clogged, the essential oil will nourish the roots and encourage the hair growth naturally. Dandruff often appears because of skin conditions and dry scalp. Hence, by applying several drops of tea tree oil in the water you use to wash your hair, you will get rid of dandruff. You can also mix it with some coconut oil or almond oil when the skin is over-sensitive.

You may not know, but TTO has been proved to be effective against lice, too. Try to mix some aloe vera gel with lavender oil, jojoba oil, and tea tree oil, and you got yourself a nutritious homemade shampoo that is 100% natural. You will no longer have an itchy, flaky scalp, and you will improve the appearance of hair in a short time. When dealing with head lice, mixing tea tree oil with peppermint oil will repel insects – and it can be used on young children’s scalp, too. The compounds 1,8-cineole and terpinen-4-ol have potent insecticidal properties. Be careful, because this essential oil is not recommended for small animals.

5. Heals inflamed gums, alleviates bad breath, and treats plaque gingivitis.

Healthy teeth with tea

In fact, some doctors still recommend TTO to their patients because it enhances the oral health quickly. It soothes the irritated skin, while it also kills off bad bacteria. Several decades ago, the pharmacists used tea tree oil to obtain toothpaste and mouthwash. Nowadays, we know that the extract of Melaleuca Alternifolia will diminish the gum bleeding and prevent the tooth decay. You may make your own homemade mouthwash by adding several drops of TTO in a glass of water. But be cautious and don’t swallow it!

After ingesting it – even accidentally – you might experience side effects such as disorientation, nausea, drowsiness, hallucinations, vomiting, stomach upset, severe rashes, and even coma. Other ways to use the essential oil for oral health include pouring one drop of undiluted tea tree oil to the toothpaste, before brushing. Here’s another homemade recipe: combine 2 tablespoons of baking soda with ¼ cup coconut oil and 10 drops of tea tree oil. Use it 2-3 times a day, brush your teeth normally, and don’t swallow the solution.

6. Heals wounds and infections. In fact, its antimicrobial activity has received the most attention.

Tea tree oil bottle for infections and wounds

Despite the fact that the production of TTO was slowed after the WW2, because of the development of effective antibiotics, from 1970-1980 many plantations were established. And the essential oil obtained from Melaleuca Alternifolia regained its popularity. When sprinkled on wounds, the leaves of tea tree will disinfect the tissues and accelerate the recovery process. Men use this natural ingredient to heal razor burns, but women keep it close for all kinds of injuries. Studies show that it can kill even bacteria that is resistant to many common antibiotics!

Viruses, fungi, and other harmful microorganisms will be kept at bay with TTO. When used on an open wound, it will boost up healing and diminish the scar mark. Dilute tea tree oil before applying it on your skin! Pour 2 drops in one cup of lukewarm water and soak a cotton ball to dab it on your cut. Repeat twice daily for 3-4 days, and the injury will soon heal. You may also buy a healthcare product that already contains tea tree oil, but it’ better to use it in its pure form. The creams and ointments available on the market include in their formula additives and other chemicals that could give you adverse reactions.

7. Removes warts and corns.

The lumps caused by HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) will go away within days if you apply TTO regularly. Make sure you don’t use it on large areas! When you use it excessively, it will irritate the skin and cause rash. Plantar warts, genital warts, and moles on neck will disappear in 7-20 days, depending on their location and size. Although these growths of skin are not usually painful, they are unsightly and cause embarrassment to the sufferer. Plus, they can lead to discomfort, especially when they are located on the soles of the feet.

Wash the area thoroughly, pour one drop of essential oil on the wart, and cover it with a bandage. Leave it for at least 8 hours then replace it with a new one. In a few days, you will get rid of warts and moles. Don’t break it! You should let it fall by itself. If it’s a stubborn excrescence, you should request the assistance of your doctor to eliminate the wart safely.

8. Soothes chicken pox symptoms.

TTO for skin affections

You probably know that the condition is caused by a virus. Some people claim it will go away without medication. However, the complications resulted may lead to a tragedy, reason why it’s best to seek help when the symptoms of measles or chicken pox appear. The antiviral properties of TTO will work wonders against the disease: it will heal blisters, relieve itching, and reduce the scars. Plus, the essential oil will stop the development of chicken pox, improve the immunity, and boost the recovery.

Mix 50 ml of a carrier oil (coconut, jojoba, or olive oil) with 15 drops of tea tree oil. Use a cotton ball to apply the mixture on each blister. The truth is that this solution will also hydrate skin, which will reduce the redness and make the scars fade away. If you want to be sure that the condition is taken under control, consult your general practitioner immediately after noticing the first signs of measles. Remember that all viral conditions (shingles, measles, chicken pox) are contagious!

9. Treats pink eye.

Conjunctivitis appears when the thin clear tissue over the white part of the eye inflames. In most of the cases, bacteria, viruses, and allergies are involved. As a consequence, the eye will turn red, tears will fall, and the sufferer will feel burning and itchiness. When you don’t have a proper hygiene or you frequently touch your eyes, the condition can spread. Your GP will assist you to diagnose and treat it properly. But the symptoms will be relieved quickly if you use 100% natural tea tree oil.

Steps of treating with tea tree

  1. boil 2-3 green tea bags;
  2. let it steep for 5-6 minutes;
  3. add 3 drops of essential oil;
  4. keep in at room temperature until it’s lukewarm;
  5. put the teabag on the closed eye for 20-30 minutes;
  6. go back to your everyday routine;
  7. repeat 2-3 times a day to reduce inflammation and get rid of unpleasant sensations.

Another natural remedy implies mixing one tablespoon of coconut oil with just one drop of tea tree oil. Use a cotton ball to apply it on the skin around the eye – avoid the eyeball! Leave it for 20 minutes, then wash it off carefully with warm water.

10. Stimulates blood circulation.

Once again, you should not ingest tea tree oil! However, you could inhale it and enjoy its therapeutic benefits. You’re not a fan of aromatherapy? It means that you haven’t heard how tea tree oil works. Because it increases the blood circulation, it improves your body’s natural ability to fight off infections. Respiratory problems, cold sores, chest infections, flu, muscle aches – they will be relieved once you inhale TTO properly.

There are several ways to do this right.

  • The first method implies adding 5 drops in the tub, before taking a bath, and you will inhale it for 15-20 minutes.
  • For the second one, you need to boil a bowl of water, pour 5 drops of tea tree oil, and cover your head with a towel so you can inhale the vapors for 5-10 minutes.
  • The third method will also freshen the air: vaporize 8 drops of TTO in an oil burner and stay in the same room where you place the burner.

You don’t have the device?

In this case, mix 20 drops of essential oil with 200 ml spring water in a glass plant sprayer. Shake well and spray it directly into the air.

What is the price of tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil pricing

You don’t have to pay a fortune to improve your health with this natural remedy. You find it available in drugstores, online shops, and even supermarkets. The cost of pure essential tea tree oil ranges from a couple of dollars to $10-20, depending on the bottle’s quantity. But pay attention whether it’s high quality. Don’t risk your health with additives, chemicals, and preservatives that are unnecessary in this solution, since it has antibacterial effects. Before actually buying it, read the label and search for this information: country of origin, expiration dates, and product warnings.

Get one 10 ml bottle, and you’ll have enough to improve your wellness and enjoy other benefits, as well. It can repel bugs, freshen up the air in the bathroom, clean the toothbrush, freshen the carpets, and can be used as an all-purpose cleaner. Plus, it’s a natural deodorant and will successfully reduce the smell of pets.

The 10 health benefits of tea tree oil come without negative side effects if you use it correctly. Always mix it with a carrier oil before applying it on your skin, and never swallow it! Avoid getting TTO it in your eyes and make sure that you don’t implement it for large areas, either. Now you know that tea tree oil is a must-have. It treats all kinds of skin problems and alleviates various respiratory symptoms. What is your favorite therapeutic effect?